Melbourne Swingers

Code of Conduct

Respect each person’s space.
No means No.
No intimidation.
No arguments.
No food or drink upstairs.
No heels on beds upstairs.
Illicit drug usage is strictly forbidden.
No climbing over doors or walls.
Always ask or wait to be asked/invited to join in with others.
Never touch or grope another person.

No photographs either with cameras or mobile phones are permitted at any time or in any venue. The only exception to this rule is when it is taken by authorised staff with the express permission of those being photographed (If found breaking this rule you will be immediately ejected from the venue).

If you are playing in a group then make your intentions known clearly & politely, but not aggressively, who you would like to join in.

If you feel a patron is not following the rules please report it to staff.

If you have an issue with these rules or you don’t understand these rules feel free to ask us via messaging us or just ask a member of staff.

Failure to obey our Rules/Code of Conduct may result in being banned & Police involvement.

Melbourne Swingers Ettiquette

Conditions of Entry